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About the programme

In its Strategy for STEM Education and Training (2017), the Scottish Government has committed to ‘establish a new YSL Programme to stimulate and strengthen the development of peer mentoring and inspiration in STEM for young people by young people.’

The Young STEM Leader Programme (YSL) is an exciting new award which aims to spark greater interest and participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among young people in Scotland.

Young people have the chance to inspire, lead and mentor their peers through the creation and delivery of STEM activities and events within education establishments or local community groups.

The key aim of the YSL Programme is to facilitate the development of peer STEM role models to inspire more young people to develop an interest in STEM.

As well as developing important personal skills that are increasingly in demand from employers, working through the programme will motivate the YSLs to progress their STEM studies and potentially embark on a related career in STEM.


The Scottish government-funded Programme is being led by SSERC and a range of partners, including the four Scottish Science Centres, three Scottish STEM Ambassador Hubs, Science Festivals, YouthLink Scotland, Young Scot, Children in Scotland, Education Scotland and the Scottish Mentoring Network.


The YSL Programme is available at CfE Second, Third and Fourth Levels, underpinned by a framework that identifies the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected of a YSL at each curricular level.


Levels 4, 5 and 6 will be underpinned by learning outcomes and performance criteria for each level with the aim to have them all SCQF credit rated.  


The partners

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