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Staying (or getting) involved with YSL

School and community centre closures won’t stand in the way of the Young STEM Leader (YSL) Programme!  The YSL Project Team are continuing to issue awards and certificates to YSLs all over Scotland.  Even if you’ve never heard of the YSL Programme until now, this could be a chance for you - young people, teachers and youth workers - to get involved and start your journey.  

For existing YSLs who would like to continue delivering their activities, events and interactions, these can be delivered remotely from your home.  You might need to change what you had planned to deliver but some creative thinking and perhaps inspiration from the ideas below will help.  

Most importantly, young people who are involved in the pilot can still achieve their YSL 2 or YSL 6 award.

Below we've answered some questions to help you continue with, or introduce yourself to, the YSL Programme.